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I am looking for a good source of antique shop fixtures, counters, tailors dummies, wood panelling/balconies to make counters, crown moulding, skirting, etc. and anything interesting. We are involved in fitting out a large number of small shops that have a modern and vintage feel. I am also looking for hundreds of old textile bobbins that we can sit many styles of hats on.
We need a good reliable source with fair prices, preferably working with a dismantler, on an ongoing basis.
I am in the UK from April 18 - 29th and make regular trips and ship often.
My UK mobile number is 07913582281 (available from Friday April 16)

ID : (51622)
Date Created : 15 April 2010 01:56:05 AM
Date Modified : 15 April 2010 01:56:08 AM

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