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A degree of turmoil has hit Masco Walcot due to an unexpected turn of events which Steve Tomlin elucidates on his blog.

He writes: 'We have three months to either change our ideas or resurrect our plans with fresh investors in a very difficult and cautious economic marketplace. It is hopeless to even contemplate bank support or an imaginative venture capitalist coming to our rescue, we are however intent on saving the healthy core parent company at Minchinhampton that Debbie Kedge and I have operated for twenty-five years.'

Masco is one of the flagship UK salvage businesses of the past two decades and Steve Tomlin has been personally instrumental in many initiatives to help the trade, including staunch support for Salvo. We wish him well in resolving these troubling issues.

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Date Created : 11 December 2010 02:19:26 PM
Date Modified : 11 December 2010 02:19:29 PM

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