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Liverpool Football Club has helped to finance the building of a home in Pinghu, Shanghai, for a homeless mother and son as part of Habitat for Humanity's worldwide effort to build homes for the homeless. The club has been working with Liverpool Habitat for Humanity which builds newbuild and refurbishments, which relies on volunteer help.

Twenty volunteers from the Liverpool and surrounding business community helped build the new home for 57-year-old Ding Amao and his 85-year-old mother Chen Gengen. Their existing house was built in 1975 with wood beams, mud bricks and a tile roof. The roof leaked and was heavily sagging - partly collapsed - and the home was no longer safe to live in. The house lacked basic sanitation.

The volunteers spent a day helping to demolish and reclaim the bricks from walls, and dig the foundation trench for the house prior to its completion by a local contractor.

Andrea Titterington, Liverpool FC's regeneration director, wrote that they drove down small dirt tracks through rice fields to reach the derelict dwelling that was to be replaced by a new home for Ding Amao and his mother, Chen Gengen. The walls of their house were made in 1975 with only rice porridge holding the bricks together. Team Liverpool's first task was to knock the remaining wall down and clear the site - brick by brick, by hand. The first bit was easy. The latter took most of the day! We must have seemed a strange bunch in our Habitat for Humanity/Liverpool Football Club tee shirts (which the Evertonians among us wore despite grave misgivings)! But it was soon clear that we were there to work very hard - stopping only for water and a wonderful lunch sourced locally. By the end of the day, two trenches had been dug - ready for the contractor to start the brick foundations. We had also formed a close-knit team and received a very warm welcome from the family and their neighbours. We even made Mrs. Chen double up with laughter as we attempted collectively to say 'thank you' and 'good-bye' in Chinese.

Liverpool managing director, Christian Purslow, said, "Liverpool Football Club are very aware of the tremendous work that Habitat for Humanity do, both in our own city and abroad, and we are extremely pleased that our support will help provide a better home for this family in Shanghai. It represents a lasting legacy of the Expo, which everyone involved can be truly proud of."

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