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"There were two or three inches of snow lying on the sale field, it was actually snowing during the auction, and it was freezing cold," said Carl Willows, reflecting on the Gaze rural and domestic bygones sale held on Saturday 27 November in Diss.

"Collectors were buying strongly with the trade mopping up the cheaper lots. People seemed to be buying subjects this time. One good Japanese buyer was in evidence, but no Americans this time. Considering the weather there were some keen UK buyers, having travelled up from as far as Cornwall. There was also some trade buying for film props - these tend to buy for clients at one sale, and then sell the same stuff with us after filming has finished."

Joint top lots at £300 were a lawnmower and a trade card. The late 19thC New Excelsior eight-inch cut mower was made by New Brunswick USA and sold to a big lawnmower collector who used to have a connection with Sotheby's. Mr.Willows observed that the narrow cut machines tended to be most popular on account of the smaller amount of room taken up in the collector's display. The 38ins by 32ins framed shop card was for Tippers '3 Tips' - these being Tipper's Cod Liver OIl Condiment for horses and poultry, Tippers Mystery vegetable and herbal tonic for horses, and Tippers Vitalis. The striking image of a bull breaking down a wall seems to have had an influence on the price. Tippers was made at Balsall Heath, Birmingham. Third highest lot at £290 was a 19ins by 29ins framed Day, Son & Hewitt paper shop sign of Horse Chart No 4, extensively illustrated with equine anatomy and diseases.

News for the new year is that the architectural sale and bygones sales have been switched. So the next Rural & Domestic Bygones auction will be held on 29 January, and the Architectural Salvage auction will be on 26 February at which there will be a pair of very fine brass candelabra in the Pugin arts and crafts gothic style, and an enigmatic solid bronze oriental figure the catalogue description of which Carl Willows is currently looking into.

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