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John Cullen, owner of Celtic Gardens in Dexter, has won the 2011 Landscaper of the Year prize awarded by Case Construction Equipment and Total Landscape Care, which includes a Bahamas cruise for Mr. Cullen and the other twelve finalists.

"It's an honour. To be recognised as the Landscaper of the Year, especially after meeting the other impressive finalists, is very humbling," said Cullen, who has won national and international awards including gold medals at the Philadelphia, Singapore and Cincinnati flower shows. In 2007, Cullen designed and built a permanent garden at Hillsborough Castle, the Queen's residence in Northern Ireland.

Cullen will be one of the top contenders for design honours at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show, considered one the most prestigious garden shows in the world.

A veteran in the landscaping industry, Cullen specializes in old stonework and the design and creation of period gardens for which he procures the finest trees, plants and building materials in the world. He often travels to Europe and Asia in search of antique garden statuary and building materials.

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