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A 2.67m diameter semicircular window comprising of an arched frame with three glazed lights, a configuration known as Diocletian or Thermal window in mid-Victorian architecture, from which this dates. Although the large arched header seems complete, the two mullions and cill seem to be missing, but they may turn up and would be included with this lot if they do.

The material is located in Oxfordshire. Please phone the contact number to arrange viewing.

History note: The term 'Diocletian window' came from the window openings used in the thermal Baths of Diocletian in Rome, which was subsequently used by Andrea Palladio, who also invented the configuration of a central arch-headed window with two flanking ones, which became known as a Venetian window in Georgian architecture. Diocletian windows were popular in Irish architecture (where the term is better recognised than in England) and was used in Victorian, Edwardian and also featured in Art Deco skyscraper architecture (as in the Irish Chicago school - eg Sullivan) and in Deco furniture.

Price : 185
Provenance : Yes
ID : (85311)
Date Created : 30 September 2014 04:33:13 PM
Date Modified : 17 April 2017 06:12:52 PM

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